A project I started in the beginning of 2021. The goal is to share (at least) 1 thing I made every week, preferably on mondays (#makermonday). My platform of choice was TikTok, the profile is called dennis.makerer

Things I made

ThingDescriptionWhat I learned / tried out
Modular BedMy Bed, constructed from Pallets. Features include modularity, built-in cable management and storage compartmentsModelling in CAD
Phone mounting systemA magnetic holding mechanism for filming from various angles.Sped up slow-mo shots
The bnobBluetooth enabled button and knob, which emulate keyboard input to control volume & playbackUSB-Keyboard code specifications
SortifyA web-app that allows sorting Spotify playlists by title lengthInterfacing with the Spotify-API
Vertical PlotterCNC drawing robot, based on the polargraph-softwareLayering multiple 3d-Prints at once
ThereMIDIA theremin-like midi-controller utilising ultrasound for distance detectionTransferring patches between MainStage and Logic
Meme GeneratorAn Alfred workflow that uses to generate custom memesAlfy Workflow creation (caching, API get/post requests), macOS screenrecording
Cable ManagementOverview of some cablemanagement solutions I have developed / use3dPrinting cable ties
PlaylistifyTurn-based collaborative playlist creationExpo authentication, notications and deep linking
PolygridA grid-system based on PolypanelsParametric design with OpenSCAD


In my projects, I use a variety of tools.


  • #3D-Printing
  • Leatherman Skeletool (my favourite multitool)
  • Dremel